About us
Anjuman Polytechnic started during the academic year 2007 – 2008 with a modest intake of about 75 students from 3 disciplines of engineering. At present the college is functioning with the following 5 branches
  • Civil Engineering (General)
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering.
  • Computer Science & Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

With an intake of 60 students in each branch. Around 615 students are studying in the college in the different branches

The College is steadily developing & Progressing by taking all sorts of measures to provide, Building Infrastructure, furniture’s, Machineries required, Equipments needed to conduct practicals & providing the necessary teaching & instructional staff for each department
Principal's message...
We are living in an era of technological development all around us. As the nation is moving towards 2020, the human resource has to match to the requirements of the society. Diploma Education is a middle path in-between ITI & Engineering degree education system & the Human Resource we are developing can be able to match & Play its their own significant role in various diversified fields of their choice & thereby contributing their services to the society, state & nation.
Compared to the previous years, the diploma education system is fast changing towards progressing side. By adopting & transforming available resources as per to the policies of the government, the Department of Technical Education is steadily making the changes, catering to the needs of companies & industries where ultimately our diploma engineers are supposed to render their services.
In this back drop, we are standing at a point, from where we have only one option to make fast forwards. The world at large, the Nation & States in particular are waiting with open arms, the talented, geneous ,industrious & sincere youths in their chosen fields of studies to take charge of the situation& become part & parcel of the technological Advancements